Design derives from neither art nor science alone, but the fusion of the two. Whether home or office, an interior makes demands both practical and aesthetic, and interior design marries them. A designer delivers form as function, substance as style—something you may sense subtly as contentment in a cozy room or profoundly as awe in a cathedral nave.


Interior design is not the imposition of fashion upon a space, but the uncovering of essence within it. In every room, the walls, doors and windows cooperatively describe a space unduplicated elsewhere, and the inhabitants of that space have needs, tastes and possessions as unduplicated. Thus, a designer weaves the weft of new elements into the warp of existing ones to create a unique fabric, and it’s this process that makes an outdated mansion into a vibrant masterpiece, a building into a business, and a house into a home.


Like any room, St. Louis is its own particular space, one that residents have, since the 18th Century, been designing—knowingly or not. When you gaze out on the nighttime skyline with the Gateway Arch circumscribing Met Square and the city lights alive on the Mississippi, you’re seeing the cooperative project of those residents. And their canvas is the city, itself.

More desperately than sound theory or proper technique, design requires familiarity with the medium. In St. Louis, an expert designer must have witnessed the downy aspect of a dogwood in bloom, the curious way the moon sometimes hangs beneath the arch and, every so often, the sudden shriek of an eagle diving down from the sky to the banks of the river.

Design in St. Louis is design by St. Louis.

Since 2011, JCR Design Group has worked to redefine St. Louis design. Jennifer Rapp, Kristin Kisling and Emily Koch help St. Louisans imagine and reimagine the interiors of homes and businesses alike. For any space, JCR provides complete solution services ranging from commercial consulting to custom furnishings. You can experience JCR artistry in homes, schools, churches and other sites requiring refined design across the city.

If you’re in St. Louis, JCR can help you realize the beautiful and inspiring design that hides in your space, too.

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