“We moved to St. Louis a few years ago and because of our busy lifestyle, I did not have the time, skills or desire to decorate and furnish our new home. I was fortunate to find Jenny and I knew when I met her she would be a great fit for us! ”

“Jenny‚Äôs style is effortlessly polished and refined. Not trendy or fussy. She has a talented way of combining your treasured pieces with new additions to create a unique and personal look for your home.”

“Jenny decorated and furnished every room in our entire home and she did it with kindness, patience and always with a focus on what I wanted and what would make it feel like home to me and my family.”

“JCR Design Group is extremely thorough, diligent and talented! They did not give up until they found the very best solutions for our home that were the highest quality within our budget.”

“I first reached out to Jenny to help with the family room in our new home: It then went from the family room to the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and now we are currently working on a living space in our basement. She was just that good that I felt compelled to use her for each space in our house! ”

“It has become an inside joke in our family that each time Jenny comes over, I end up asking her about another room which then leads to another project.”

“By utilizing JCR Design Group I have saved so much time and money: It is a one-stop shop! ”

“Jenny is always filled with ideas and suggestions, is so easy to work with and there is never any pressure.”

“Jenny has made my house a home and she truly is the best in her industry. I have recommended her to several of my friends and family and they love her too! ”

“Jenny got to know our entire family to ensure that everything was a good fit for us and made our house feel like home.”

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