4 Ways to Brighten a Room

Having received many requests from clients, JCR Design Group knows how add light to a dark, windowless space. By using a clean, neutral palette, they can transform and brighten a room. We asked Emily Koch, Design Associate at JCR Design Group, to share her team’s...

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Renovation of St Louis Local Equestrian Club

JCR Design was recently involved in the renovation / remodeling of a historic local equestrian club in St Louis. The client's wish was for an updated space that still maintained the authentic rustic, traditional style present throughout the rest of the club,and...

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Elegant Nursery Room Design Inspiration

JCR Design Group Was recently featured by the Interior Design Center of St Louis in an article on elegant interior design styles for nursery rooms. See all the elegant nursery room style examples and read the full article here: NURSERY INSPIRATION {ELEGANT...

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St Louis Homes Magazine Features JCR Design

JCR Design Recently featured in St Louis Homes Magazine: Classic or Craze: Wallpaper “CLASSIC! Wallpaper has been an important design tool since the 15th century, and I don’t see it disappearing anytime soon. I love it in so many different applications: In a powder...

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