Our Approach To Commercial Interior Design
At JCR Design Group, we fully understand what a successful commercial project entails. While deadlines are equally relevant to residential projects, they are often more stringent in a commercial project timeline. We understand that time is money and with the corporate and institutional collaborations, completing a project on time and within the specified budget is of the utmost importance.

In addition to timeliness, the aesthetics and appropriate use of materials are both given consideration. Every finish selection is carefully chosen based on it’s durability and suitability for the setting, and only after the proper research has gone into each choice.

JCR Design Group has had the privilege to complete a multitude of commercial projects, including corporate and institutional arenas (both religious and educational institutions).
Among the corporate projects are multiple office building finish selection and consultations, which helps to increase marketability, draw attractive new tenants and maintain existing occupants. Examples of institutional projects include the redesign of a church and several local private schools in Ladue and Creve Couer, offering thoughtfully designed, functional spaces for the attendees.

There is a traditional​/transitional​ aesthetic preference among the most recent projects, however we’ve observed a gradual trend toward more contemporary choices and clean lines. Designing with the current style in mind, but creating an overall look that will provide years of use and enjoyment is imperative. Popular trends may be implemented, but only with keeping in mind the design should always lend a timeless feel and avoid the need for a premature redesign.

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. ~ Coco Chanel

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